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Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Heart Coffee

I confess, I wish that I had worked as a barista at some point. Not for the tips, although that would be awesome, but so I could make myself awesome, elaborate coffee at home. I need a serious coffee-making lesson! My Keurig does the trick most of the time, but there are those days when plain coffee and vanilla creamer just are not enough. Since getting married and moving, I'm trying to break my delicious-but-terrible habit of frequenting coffee shops (I miss you Coffee Barn!!!). I have really been missing my German Chocolate Mochas, Irish Hugs, and coffee outings with my mom... So it my moment of desperation I decided to mix things up a bit:
When I made my morning coffee yesterday, I simply made a second cup and poured it into these adorable heart ice cube trays I had on hand,

And let them freeze thoroughly!

Awe, so cute.

I blended several of the cubes with some milk, a small handful of chocolate chips, and a little bit of ice cream (shhhhh). The end product!

They are also a great excuse to use these awesome paper straws left over from our wedding! I love them.

It was actually really delicious! I'm excited to try out some different flavor combinations and making iced drinks that keep the heart-shaped ice cubes whole. 

Any drink tips or suggestions?


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