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Saturday, December 15, 2012

DIY: Gift Wrapping

I think I had too much fun wrapping Adam's Christmas presents. This was my first year having plain brown postal wrapping, and I loved having a clean slate to work with!

My goal was to make each gift look different while still keeping them all coordinated - and not letting any of the scraps of paper go to waste!


Brown Postal Wrapping Paper
Baker's Twine 
Metallic Wrapping Paper (ours is from Costco)
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes

* Wrapping Inspiration

I can't wait to wrap the rest!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Ham Asparagus Cheese Sauce Sandwich

I know these sound bizarre, but Ham Asparagus Cheese Sauce Sandwiches are seriously really delicious. 

I grew up eating these and thought they were a normal recipe (but apparently they were created by my Grandma Hazel)... This belief was quickly put to rest the first time a friend was over while we had them for dinner (and they had never seen anything like them). 

They may look and sound a little crazy, but everyone who has ever tried these has LOVED them. 

Ham Asparagus Cheese Sauce Sandwiches are really quick and easy to make, as well as a great comfort food. But aren't all things covered in cheese sauce comforting? 

(Also, I am noticing a trend with my dinner posts, and I swear that not everything we eat is covered in cheese sauce).

Ham Asparagus Cheese Sauce Sandwich Recipe:

Honey Ham (or favorite ham)
Bread (I used potato bread)

Cheese Sauce:
2 T. butter
2 T. flour
2 cups milk
2 cups cheese (or to taste)
1/4 t. pepper
1/4 t. garlic powder
Salt to taste (taste sauce first, as cheese is salty in nature)
Dash of cayenne pepper
Dash of nutmeg


Start cheese sauce (See Baked Creamy Mac & Cheese for cheese sauce directions). Meanwhile, cut thick slices of ham and sear on both sides in a hot pan - one slice per sandwich. Steam asparagus in shallow water until softened but not mushy. Amount of asparagus varies by preference - I tend to really pile it up! Toast one slice of toast per sandwich. 

Assembly order - toast, slice of ham, asparagus, then top with cheese sauce. Sprinkle paprika on top. 

* These are really filling - I usually eat one with a side salad.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Back to Running

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In October I started the 9 week Couch-to-5K Running Plan. It is a great program for people like me - By "like me" I mean people who will do almost anything to not  run. I'm not just talking about doing other forms of exercise, but I literally have picked cleaning the house over going for a run. I've always admired people who made the effort to run regularly, I too wanted to be one of those awesome people. Unfortunately, after Week 4 an old ankle sprain started to make a comeback.

This injury happened last May... Are all sprains so persistent and obnoxious? It even threatened to make me limp down the aisle back in August. I personally think the pain keeps reappearing so I have to retell how it happened. How you may ask? Well, I slipped and fell down some cement stairs back when I was still in school. Har har har. The joke is on the stairs though because I saved my Soy Chai Latte! Just not my right ankle.

Anyways, after a two week break I AM BACK. Even with our rainy Pacific Northwest weather. Take that ankle sprain!

Etsy Lovin'

I'm not shy about my love for all things Etsy. I have never been one to chase big name brands (or even really know them) - Instead I love to have those items that people take a second look at because they have never seen one before! Honestly, who wouldn't want unique, creative, personal, homemade goods? It is like I have access to summer arts and crafts festivals year round! Awesome.

Here are a several of my favorite recent finds:

Knit Wool Fingerless Gloves

Camera Strap for DSLR
 I'm still working on getting said camera, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead!

Nerd Herder Gadget Wallet

Display Coffee Table

Bamboo Cutting Board with Recipe
How cute is this idea? I would love one with my mom and/or grandma's handwriting on it!

3/4 Sleeve Home Alone "Ugly Christmas Sweater"

Sunday, December 2, 2012

First Days of December

This last week consisted of applying for jobs, jobs, and more jobs. At this point I have given up being too selective, but I have yet to reach the point of desperation where I'm sending in my application to just anywhere. Perhaps the job I am most excited about is working as a Juvenile Case Monitor - Not only is the pay amazing, but it would actually put my Psychology degree to good use. The best part... I am actually qualified enough for it! That was a pretty exciting discovery. Adam has been beyond awesome being supportive - both emotionally and financially - not nagging me to agree to just any job opportunity that comes my way, but I am getting really anxious to help contribute... Plus, we have a trip to Miami to save up for! Wish me luck!

Since my last post we also bought and decorated our first tree together and worked on some DIY Christmas presents. I love this time of year!

So happy to see that Movember mustache get shaved off yesterday!