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Sunday, December 2, 2012

First Days of December

This last week consisted of applying for jobs, jobs, and more jobs. At this point I have given up being too selective, but I have yet to reach the point of desperation where I'm sending in my application to just anywhere. Perhaps the job I am most excited about is working as a Juvenile Case Monitor - Not only is the pay amazing, but it would actually put my Psychology degree to good use. The best part... I am actually qualified enough for it! That was a pretty exciting discovery. Adam has been beyond awesome being supportive - both emotionally and financially - not nagging me to agree to just any job opportunity that comes my way, but I am getting really anxious to help contribute... Plus, we have a trip to Miami to save up for! Wish me luck!

Since my last post we also bought and decorated our first tree together and worked on some DIY Christmas presents. I love this time of year!

So happy to see that Movember mustache get shaved off yesterday!


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