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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twenty Things in Twenty Thirteen

This past year has been a crazy one... and maybe my favorite year yet.

I graduated from Western Washington University, got married, and moved to a new town - And all of that took place just over the summer! I made two great new friends, and maintained all of my closest old friendships. I have loved officially moving out of my parents house and building a new life (and home) with Adam - Not to mention celebrating 5 years together! It was so much fun having Seahawks season tickets, honeymooning down the Oregon Coast, and having my bachelorette party in Vancouver.

Matt Priestman Photography

I have felt so fortunate for all of my great experiences in 2012 and can't wait to create more great memories in the year to come! Instead of setting an unspecific, typical New Years Resolution for myself, I instead decided to make a checklist of 20 things I hope to accomplish in 2013 - Wish me luck!

Twenty Things in Twenty Thirteen
  1.  Run in a 5-K (hopefully Seattle’s Color Run!) 
  2. Find a job 
  3. Organize all documents, paperwork, etc (Eww…) 
  4. Explore 5 new places in Kitsap area 
  5. Lose a pant size 
  6. Travel to a new state 
  7. Pay off ¼ of student loans 
  8. Start an Etsy seller’s profile 
  9. Purchase a Nikon DSLR camera 
  10. Take a photography course 
  11. Invest in good running shoes 
  12. Learn to knit 
  13. Get second tattoo
  14. Get Seahawks season tickets again 
  15. Make one improvement to our home every month (big or small) 
  16. Visit the in-laws house at Lake Roosevelt 
  17. Go to at least one concert/music festival 
  18. Clean out my closet and invest in smarter, more quality clothing purchases 
  19. Start swimming again 
  20. Take 1-year photos with Adam