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Monday, December 3, 2012

Back to Running

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In October I started the 9 week Couch-to-5K Running Plan. It is a great program for people like me - By "like me" I mean people who will do almost anything to not  run. I'm not just talking about doing other forms of exercise, but I literally have picked cleaning the house over going for a run. I've always admired people who made the effort to run regularly, I too wanted to be one of those awesome people. Unfortunately, after Week 4 an old ankle sprain started to make a comeback.

This injury happened last May... Are all sprains so persistent and obnoxious? It even threatened to make me limp down the aisle back in August. I personally think the pain keeps reappearing so I have to retell how it happened. How you may ask? Well, I slipped and fell down some cement stairs back when I was still in school. Har har har. The joke is on the stairs though because I saved my Soy Chai Latte! Just not my right ankle.

Anyways, after a two week break I AM BACK. Even with our rainy Pacific Northwest weather. Take that ankle sprain!


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